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9 vital things to consider when planning your summer bathroom revamp

Added by on April 7th, 2017, filed under Latest News

When you have a plan, a project goes more smoothly and you’ll be happier with the results. So if you’re in the planning stages of getting a new bathroom then this guide will be helpful. This is especially true for complete refurbishment or if you’re changing the way your bathroom is laid out.

Use of tiles – Using large-format tiles will help make the bathroom seem more spacious — especially if you match the grout colour and ask for tight spacing. You can make a statement wall with tiles to highlight a particular function, for example the sink unit.

Maximise light – Bathrooms are one of the few rooms in the house that can manage without a window, providing the space has extraction to provide ventilation. You’ve some flexibility therefore where windows are concerned, but to enhance the mood of the bathroom use lighting that maximises light for all the spaces.

Use of mirrors – Use large mirrors to make a small contemporary-style bathroom feel lighter, more spacious, and more stylish. A frameless mirror covering the whole or majority of one wall can increase the feeling of space without affecting layout..

Rewiring the bathroom – Choosing a registered electrician for a bathroom rewire means you will get increased protection should something go wrong. It’s common sense, but anywhere there is water and electricity needs a professional touch.

Dividing up the space – Break up a large space by dividing it into different sections, each with its own feel or use. Don’t be afraid to have freestanding rainfall showers or bathtubs in central areas of your bathroom, and you can highlight the different areas with varying tiling or paintwork.

Water pressure – Water fixtures range from 0.1 Bar for low pressure systems, to 3 Bar or more for those needing higher pressure. Your plumber can tell you the fixtures you’ll need. It’s a common mistake for people to buy the wrong fixtures for their system.

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