• Azuvi Aran

    Wall tiles – 30×90 cm – 12″x36″. Floor tiles – 120×120 cm – 48″x48″ (RC) / 60×120 cm – 24″x48″(RC) / 60×60 cm – 24″x24″ / 59×59 cm – 24″x24″ (RC) / 30×60 cm – 12″x24″ / 29×59 cm – 12″x24″ (RC)

  • Casainfinita Unika Tiles

    Stunning bathroom Tile from the Casainfinita brand – UNIKA WHITE
    60 X 60 cm & 30 x 60 cm

  • Cerlat Borgona Tiles

    CERLAT is a company that belongs to the MIJARES group that produces and commercializes ceramic items since it was founded in 1994. The Borgona range is a stunning addition to any bathroom

  • Cersanit City Collection Tiles

    A trendy urban-styled indoor decoration, highlighted by a palette of minimalist colours: this is what City can give you. The aesthetics of the concrete texture, highly valued by designers of modern indoor styles, provides a setting that favours rejuvenation for your next day and great moments of private leisure.

  • Cersanit Marble Charm

    Inspired by the beauty and elegance of marble, the Marble Charme collection impresses with its unique design. Whether classic, modern or luxurious – together with the decor and mosaic, individual ideas and bathroom dreams can be realized.

  • Cicogres Alsacia Tiles

    This look of marble carries with it years of legend, beginning in the Roman era. Detailed veining and neutral white and grey tones. Matt porcelain tiles. Suitable for both kitchens & bathrooms. Sizes available :- 30 x 60cm, 60 x 60cm, 60 x 120cm, 30 x 30cm Mosaic.

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