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As a low temperature heating system, Underfloor Heating is the only option for new build houses and low temperature heating systems such as heat pumps.


Underfloor heating as a radiant heat is a very efficient system for the delivery of heat at lower flow temperatures. It is proven to be more efficient than conventional radiators, the whole floor becomes the heat source. It provides an evenly distributed heat with the floor (the warmest) and the ceiling (the coolest) areas of the room.

Temperature Control

Individual room control allows accurate temperature and time control. This zoning of the house provides greater flexibility in room by room control where individual rooms have different heat losses and temperature requirements.

Interior Design

Underfloor heating allows complete freedom with room design as there are no radiators. Perfect for modern, open planned rooms with minimal wall space.


Moisture levels in the floor are reduced, virtually eliminating dust mites. Airflow convection is non-existent, reducing the circulation of bacteria and pollen. Beneficial for people with allergies and asthma.

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Underfloor Heating Systems


Clip-Rail System

One of the most traditional systems. Clip-rail is fixed to the floor insulation at 800-1000mm centres. 50mm spacings on the cliprail provides clear spacing for the installer with good layout and structure.

Railfix is available with pre-fixed barbs to reduce installation time further.


Tacker System

Tacker staples are used to secure the underfloor pipe to the insulation with a special tacker gun. Tacker systems are especially used for spiral layout patterns and improved speed of installation.

This particular system provides greater versatility for the installer.

Castellated Plates

Castellated plates are interlocking sheets which incorporate pipe-locating castles. The sheets are laid over the sub-floor with a 75mm overlap. These plates are useful where there is a restricted floor depth.

The underfloor pipe is fixed into the panels providing a robust fixing.


We are proud suppliers of Magnum Heating. In 3 decades, Magnum B.V. has grown into a successful, market leading and brand-oriented European designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative electrical and waterborne heating systems and related products.


Magnum Heatboard (E)

A 12 mm electrical system that can be used directly under wood, parquet or laminate. The system boards can be laid together like puzzle pieces, after which the HeatBoard Cable is clamped into the cable ducts.

Magnum Heatboard (W)

An 18 mm water-based system that can be directly used under wood, parquet or laminate. The system plates can be put together like puzzle pieces, after which the pipe is clamped into the cable ducts.

Magnum SlimFit (10 & 12)

With a construction height starting at 12 mm, MAGNUM SlimFit is one of the thinnest systems of its kind and can be easily installed in the levelling layer or stucco. This system is ideally suited for renovation projects.


Magnum Electric Mat

MAGNUM Mat is a unique underfloor heating mat. The system is designed to install underfloor heating over an existing tiled floor or over a screed that has already been laid.

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